About us

Varad Crop Science Private Limited

Varad Crop Science Private Limited is a 30-year-old agriculture-input manufacturing company located in Jalna district of Maharashtra. Varad was established by Mr. Ramniwas Mandhani. Being a farmer’s son himself, Mr. Mandhani understood the everyday needs of farmers and problems faced by the agriculture sector during the time of green revolution and started Santosh Beej Bhandar (SBB) in 1962. () His efforts to help farmers grow have been ongoing ever since then. In 1989 with the vision to serve, help and contribute to the agriculture sector, Mr. Mandhani established Varad Fertilizers Private Limited. While the company started off with production of top-quality NPK fertilizers, over the years of its functioning it adapted to the growing market and started a bio-chemical division. Today, Varad’s product range includes fertilizers, micronutrients, plant growth regulators, water-soluble fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other agricultural chemicals. Varad has a product portfolio of stellar 180 products out of which many have gained popularity amongst farmers.

Manufacturing Unit:

Our manufacturing units are in Jalna district. The fertilizer manufacturing plant was established in 1989 and is spread across a land parcel of 3.5 acres, as demand for research-intensive products increased, we established an agricultural bio-chemical division with superior quality and updated technology. We also have a newly built pesticide manufacturing unit over a land parcel of 2 acres equipped with modern technology and infrastructure. All these units are equipped with the best technology, safety tools and highly skilled operators to ensure the production of high-quality research-based products.

Research and Development: 

Our research is not limited to laboratories and goes beyond to real farms. We test every product in labs and in farms before distributing and marketing them. We have a lab located in Jalna in our headquarters fully equipped with the best tools including but not limited to HPLC, GC, and a team of skilled technicians. We also have a newly constructed R&D center in Pune under the guidance of scientist Mr. Jayant Khandare which is especially for research of new products. We strive hard to provide scientifically advanced products to our farmers which is evident as we have over 1,00,000 satisfied farmers in our network.


We have generated employment for over 300 people in the district of Jalna. Apart from our production and administration teams our marketing team has qualified field officers who go from farm to farm solving problems of our farmers, educating them, providing demonstrations, soil, testing etc.

Social Activities and CSR:

As a part of our company’s CSR, we constantly conduct blood donation camps, marathons, host football teams, provide training workshops, donate in the education sector, etc. Our Directors and Chairman are involved in charitable activities throughout the year. Varad also helped the Indian government in the battle towards COVID-19 by donating ventilators, oxygen concentrators, providing food for front-line workers, and contributing to the PM Care funds.