Cotton is the most important fibre crop not only of India but of the entire world. It provides the basic raw material (cotton fibre) to cotton textile industry. And seed for oil industry.Cotton in India provides direct livelihood to 6 millions farmers and about 30-35 miilions are employed in cotton trade and its processing.

Conditions of Growth:

Cotton is the crop of tropical and sub-tropical areas and requires uniformly high temperature varying between 21°C and 30°C. The growth of cotton is retarded when the temperature falls below 20°C.

The modest requirement of water can be met by an average annual rainfall of 50- 100 cm. However, it is successfully grown in areas of lesser rainfall with the help of irrigation. About one-third of the total area under cotton cultivation is irrigated.

Moist weather and heavy rainfall at the time of boll-opening and picking are detrimental to cotton as the plant becomes vulnerable to pests and diseases. High amount of rainfall in beginning and sunny and dry weather at ripening time are very useful for a good crop. Cotton is a kharif crop which requires 6 to 8 months to mature. Its time of sowing and harvesting differs in different parts of the country depending upon the climatic conditions.

Manure Preparation

Farmers who are preparing cow dung manure on their farms should prepare in between 6 April to 20 April.

1.Make a hole in ground of around 4x8 and height of 4 feet like pyramid. Add 5-10 trolley container of cow dung in the hole.

2.Then add 1.5 litre Varad Humic Power and Tricodarma in 100 litre of water.

3.Add this solution in the hole.

4.Next day add 700-800 litre water to the same hole until it gets all wet. Cover the top side of hole by tarapolin or any other thing.

5.After 8-10 days again add 400-500 litre water in the hole and cover it. After 48 days of complete process, you will see tea powder like manure ready. This we can use for our crop.

Land Cultivation (Jaminichi Mashagat)

In the first week of April thorough cultivation should be done. And let the land heat for 40-45 days. After that roatar should be done by adding

For 1 Acre,

·SSP (Single super phosphate) - 1 bag

·V-Phorate- 6kg

Marking for seeds sowing should be done.


We had experience that if land has less rainwater as well as less reservoir water 3x4 or 4x4 feet distance should be taken between two seeds or plants it gives more yield. If you took 4x2 or 4x1.5 distance (spacing) our techniques will not show their effective result please take this into consideration. Because in our technique stems, leaves, flowers grow tremendously so it needs more space.

Choose variety of cotton seeds

Choose the seeds according to your choice. Our technique gives same result for all types of cotton seeds.

Seed Treatment

For one bag of cotton seeds use

·Varad Humic Gel (Humic Acid 99%) – 30gm

·V-Carbo 50 (Carbendazim 50% WP) – 30gm

Mix both products and apply all over the seeds and let it dry for overnight.

Note- Please sow only one seed at each marking. Don’t sow more than one seed.

First Drenching:

14-16 days after sowing

For 15 litre Pump,

·VaradHumic Gel (Humic Acid 99%)100gm

·V-Guard 19:19:19 –100gm

·V-COC (Copper Oxychloride 50% WP) - 50gm

If you use drip irrigation then take,

For 1 Acre farm,

·Varad Humic Gel (Humic Acid 99%) – 1kg

·V-COC (Copper Oxychloride 50% WP)500gm

·V-Guard 19:19:19 – 1kg

Mix it in 100 litre tank.


20 to 22 days after sowing.

For 15 litre pump,

·Varad Urja – 200ml

·Varad Trikal (Tricontanol 0.1% EW) – 100ml

If you use drip irrigation then take,

For one acre,

·Varad Urja – 2litre

·Varad Trikal (Tricontanol 0.1% EW) – 1litre

Mix it in 100 litre tank.

Fertilizer first dose

Fertilizer first dose should be done after 27 days of sowing.

For 1 Acre Farm,

·Varad 18:18:10 – 30 kg

·High Power – 10kg

·Shakti Gold (Tricontanol 0.05% GR) – 10kg

·Varad Power (Natural Humic acid 15%) – 10kg

Mix all this and apply this in circle method.

Note- Please do not just put first dose of fertilizer on land itself, apply it in circle method so that the contents of products reached directly to the roots it makes plant more stronger to resist against disease and worst climatic condition.

First Spray

29-32 days from sowing

For 15 litre pump,

·Varad Humic Gel (Humic Acid 99%)– 25gm

·Varad Challenger (Amino Acid 40000 PPM) – 5ml

·V-Thoko (Thiophanatemethyl 70%WP) – 20gm


·All above doses are given to develop flowers, stems, white roots and leaves.

·It makes plant more stronger.

·It increases the uptake of all the nutrients.

Second Spray

36-38 days from sowing

·Varad Shakti (10000 PPM) – 30ml

·V–Pride (Acetamiprid 20% SP)20 gm

All above are for 15 litre pump separately.

Turn on light

It is necessary to make arrangements of light in field on 42nd day after sowing.

Third Spray

54-57 day of sowing. At this stage flower development is started. At this stage it is necessary that your land should be wet.

For 15 litre pump,

·Varad Chamatkar (Amino Acid 40000 PPM) – 5ml

·Varad Flower strong (Amino Acid 20%) – 25ml

·V-Tara (Thiamethoxam 25% WP) – 15 ml

·V-Proctin (Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG) – 20 gm

·V-Guard 13:40:13 – 100gm

Fertilizer second dose

Between 54-60 days of sowing

For 1 Acre,

·Varad 20:20:00 – 1 Bag

·Urea – 25kg

·V-Guard Magnesium Sulphate 5kg

·V-Guard Ferrous Sulphate – 5kg

·Sulphur – 3kg

·Boron – 2kg

·Varad Zinc Sulphate – 3kg

Note- Please do not just put first dose of fertilizer on land itself, apply it in circle method so that the contents of products reached directly to the roots it makes plant more stronger to resist against disease and worst climatic condition.

Fourth Spray

61-63 days from sowing,

for 15 litre pump

·Varad Amino Gel (Amino Acid 90%) – 25gm

·Varad Combo – 25 gm

·V-Alfa (Alphacypermethrin 10% EC) – 20ml

Fertilizer third dose

71-73 days from sowing

For 1 Acre farm,

·18:18:10 – 1 bag

·Urea – 25kg

·Ferrous Sulphate - 5kg

·Zinc Sulphate – 5kg

Fifth Spray

80- 83 days from sowing

For 15 litre pump,

·Varad Nice (Amino Acid 40000 PPM)- 40ml

·V-Tone (Gibbbrellic Acid 0.001% L) – 40ml

·V-COC (Copper Oxycloride) – 20gm

·V-Profen Super (Profenofos 40% EC + Cypermethrin 4% EC) – 20ml

Sixth Spray

93-95 days from sowing

For 15 litre pump,

·Zincovit – 25gm

·Boron – 30gm

·Ferovit – 25gm

·V–Profen Super (Profenofos 40% EC + Cypermethrin 4% EC) – 25ml

Dear farmers upto 1st December harvest all your cotton clean up your farm and prepare for next season.

Note –

1.If you have well, canal or artificial pond water it will prove to be best for cotton crop, but if you use borewell water filter it with alum for better results.

2.It is necessary that your land should be wet before any spray.

3.Always used Varad humic Gel (humic acid 99%) - 20gm,if you can spray any weedicide in the crop to avoids injury from the weedicde to crop.

4.Do not put any waste of soybean on our fertile land it can be land unfertile.

5.If there is new moon day (Amavasya) near by any spray we should avoid that day for the spray. It is necessary that you should complete your spray before 24 hours of new moon day start.

Fertiliser management:-

20:20:0:13 – 1 Bag/acre

Urea - 25 kg/acre

aftrer giving fertiliser dose irrigation should be given to crop then second spraying should be given in 8-10 days used following chemical

1.For 15 litre Pump,

Varad Chamatkar (Amino Acid 40000PPM)- 5 ml

Varad Flower strong (Amino Acid 20%) - 25 ml

V-delta super (Deltamethrin 11% EC) - 20 ml

At the time of boll formation we can used following chemical

2.For 15 litre Pump,

Varad Amino gel (Amino Acid 90%) - 25 gm

Varad combo- 25 gm

Boron-25 gm

Early plus – 20ml


If the incidence of pink bollworm we can spray V-delta 20 ml per pump.

4.Note :

Make surefor each&every spray you should use Varad Power Saver (Sticker) 15 ml per pump and if there have bud dropping then in every spray you should take early plus 20 ml per pump.

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